6th International m-libraries Conference

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We are delighted to announce the 6th International m-libraries conference, 'm-libraries: Smart Libraries' will be held at the UK Open University 16th to 18th May 2016.
The conference title reflects a new and exciting focus for m-libraries. m-libraries was launched in 2007 by the Open University in partnership with Athabasca University to promote and share experience of the delivery of library services using mobile devices, when developments were in their infancy. Subsequent conferences were held in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014 and we are proud to reflect that these have inspired and informed the development of mobile services around the world. The titles of the 4th and 5th conferences ('from margin to mainstream' and 'from devices to people') were significant.  
The use of mobile devices has become so ubiquitous that the m-libraries conference has gradually adapted its focus to address new challenges. This time we consider 'Smart Libraries' as the overall theme of the conference. What services, technologies and staff skills will be required for libraries to evolve and meet the needs of Smart societies and Smart users?
This conference will be of interest to all those involved in researching, planning, developing and providing innovative services, as well as technical developers and others working in the Smart societies initiatives worldwide. The following is a list of sub-themes for the conference.
1. Smart users
who will be the future users, personalisation of services, role of libraries in smart societies?
2. Sustainability
how can we ensure that our services are fit for the future and that our librarians have the smart skills which will be needed?
3. Innovation
How can libraries embrace innovative technologies to refresh services and excite users; supporting innovative deliveries such as MOOCs, blended learning, flipped classroom, online learning, mobile learning, etc.; use of games to motivate users, role of libraries in the Internet of things?
4. Data and intelligence
how can we use big data and library analytics to improve our services and understand their value and impact?
The call for papers is now open.
Proceedings from all previous conferences are available via Facet publishing.


"For me, the conference was an eye-opener. It exposed me to lots of projects, ideas, technologies and trends in the information industry"

2012 m-libraries delegate